U-Bolts are a single-use style of bolt that holds the axle to the leaf spring assembly. The top of the leaf spring assembly typically attaches to the frame of the vehicle. Keepers, or Retainer Clips, keep the leaves within the leaf spring pack from moving side to side.

U-bolt identification guideU-bolts can have different shapes, but the most common are; round, semi-round, or squared. They come in different diameters and lengths so we take precise measurements to ensure you are getting the exact fit and strength you need for your application.

Our steel U-Bolt bar-stock is American-made and is bent to order which allows us to control the highest quality standards and to ensure the customer is getting their exact spec.

U-bolts cannot be re-used because a previously torqued U-bolt will suffer from distorted threads from engagement of the deep nut. Deep nuts should be tightened and re-torqued, never loosened and re-tightened. Our competitors typically use cheap, foreign, pre-made U-bolts which are lower quality and that may not be the right dimensions. Customers may be stuck as to many companies do not accept returns on U-Bolts. Our goal is to provide the best parts and customer service, which is why we make each U-Bolt to order and to the exact specifications.

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