Whether your truck or trailer needs a leaf spring repair or a full replacement, we have the knowledge and equipment to get you back on the road.

Add-a-Leaf Suspension Repair

If you drive a pick-up truck, chances are you will have a quarter ton or half ton rear suspension. The purpose of your suspension is to keep constant contact and pressure of the tires on the ground. This may not be adequate for your needs if you are towing or hauling heavy loads such a slide-in-camper, toy hauler, or equipment. Your suspension can “bottom-out” or “sag” which can reduce steering, handling, and performance. Each additional pair of leaves that we add gives your suspension about 750lbs of capacity.

It is not always necessary to add the same number leaves to both sides of the truck suspension. If you have a service truck with a welder, generator, or crane on one side, you may notice the vehicle “leaning” to that side. We can add leaves and keep your truck level. This levels the truck out and increases the overall performance of the vehicle.

Re-Arching or Re-Arcing Suspension Repair

On average, springs tend to sag and decrease their spring height one to two percent per year depending on payload, milage, and quality of road surface. This is what causes old pick-up trucks to look like they have been lowered or are “squatting down”. At our suspension repair shop, we can re-arch your leaf springs to bring the vehical back to its original ride height.

Customers also may want to lower their vehicle by decreasing the arch in the spring, so we can also flatten out the curve. Every time we add a leaf, we re-arch the new leaf so it matches the curve of the old spring pack.

Broken Leaf Spring Repair

Just like adding a leaf, we can replace a broken leaf within your spring pack. Replacement of a leaf is more cost effective and gets you back on the road quickly. We carry a variety of spring bar stock and custom fit each replacement leaf for your vehicle. We can usually offer same day service on leaf spring repair.

We can also replace bushings and other suspension components such as hangars, shackles, and more. Call for any of your replacement parts and we will get the part and install it so you can get back on the road.

Class 8 Truck Spring and Bushing Repair or Replacement

Our most common fleet repair service is the replacement of damaged or worn bushings. Our most common fleet service is the replacement of “Walking Beam” bushings. This type of suspension is most commonly found on class 8 vocational vehicles such as dump and water trucks. We usually can offer a 1-2 day turn-around time on the replacement of bushings and springs. We consistently out-perform our competitors on price and turn-around time.

We also can replace hangars, springs, pins, and torque rods. Additionally, we can special order brake pads, drums, cargo restraints, landing gear and more!

Utility Trailers and Heavy Duty Trailer Suspension Repair

We carry a vast selection of utility trailer springs in-stock with a wide range of capabilities depending on your application. From boat, RV, to car haulers, we can get you back on the road.

We also carry a wide range of heavy duty trailer springs for flat beds, oil and water tankers, and all other manner of working trailers.

Typically it is less expensive to replace the whole spring rather than repair a spring. However, we will assess the repair needed and make the best recommendation for long-term functionality and your pocketbook.

Additionally, we offer minor welding and fabrication for your trailer repair needs. We also offer a wide selection of special order trailer supplies, accessories and parts. This includes axles, landing gear, rims, cargo restraints, lights, etc.

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